After you tire of spending money at coffee shops, this Cuisinart will deliver you. The Cuisinart Programmable Automatic Brew and Serve is one of the best coffee makers in its category. Standout features include a double-walled, insulated, stainless steel carafe with a patented brew-through and pour-through lid.

In a departure from other popular drip coffee makers that brew into a glass carafe kept warm by a hot plate, the Cuisinart brews into an insulated and dishwasher-safe carafe with an ingeniously designed lid. The lid uses a ball-bearing mechanism that allows pouring when the lid is screwed shut. The insulated carafe allows a design that is free of any hot plate. Although coffee gourmands shudder at the idea of drinking coffee that was brewed more than 20 minutes prior to quaffing, it is a common practice. And the argument goes that coffee in a glass carafe on a hot plate will have a burnt taste after a couple of hours, which would not be the case if the coffee were kept hot in an insulated carafe. We wouldn’t know. We leave the tasting of two-hour-old coffee to those with stronger stomachs. When Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his little-known Coffee Cantata, we are pretty sure he was describing fresh brewed: “How sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter than Muscatel wine!”

The Cuisinart 12-cupper is one of the coffee makers that use paper filters. A permanent gold mesh filter is an available option. Paper filters are preferable to permanent mesh filters, not just because they make sweeter tasting coffee, but because paper removes the molecules contained in coffee that raise cholesterol. These molecules (found only in coffee beans) are cafestol and kahweol, lipid-like compounds that bind to paper coffee filters. Any coffee makers that do not use paper filters fail to remove these molecules that raise LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

As full featured as the Cuisinart is among coffee makers, it lacks a strength setting and a water filter. Without a strength setting, it is not possible to slow down the brew process in order to achieve stronger brews that extract maximum flavor. Without a water filter (depending on where you live),the coffee might not taste the best with tap water and the machine might need more frequent cleaning to eliminate the scale deposits from hard water.

A water level indicator makes it easy to fill to the correct number of cups. The clock is fully programmable up to 24 hours in advance of the desired brew time. Once brewing begins, this is one of the coffee makers from which you can sneak a cup without spilling because of the brew pause feature (as long as you don’t take too long). When brewing is complete, there’s an audible beep; three beeps, in fact. If you leave the house without remembering to turn it off, this is one of the coffee makers that automatically power down after two hours. 

 You get a three-year warranty with this device and if you have problems, you can contact the company through email or phone.

Cuisinart Automatic Brew and Serve Summary:

The Cuisinart Programmable Automatic Brew and Serve could deliver you from your financial servitude to the baristas behind cash registers at public coffee houses. The unit is attractive and well designed. It is straightforward to program, so you will not need to rely on the youngest person in your household to program it correctly. The insulated carafe keeps the contents hot and fresh so you will no doubt enjoy your brew.

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Cuisinart Automatic Brew and Serve DTC-975BKN

The Cuisinart has a three-year warranty.

There is no water filter.

The Verdict
: 8.95/10

The Cuisinart Programmable Automatic Brew and Serve is a versatile coffee maker that you can program to make your brew the night before.